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Junior Focus Group 23 November
Basic Facts

Powerpoint - Basic Facts junior.ppt
ARB Concept Map - Basic Facts concept map.pdf
Peter Hughes Teaching Basic Facts - Teaching BFs 31-8-05.pdf
Basic Fact Addition Record - B F Addition Record stages.doc
Missing number worksheet Missing number worksheet.pdf
Circle A Fact - Circle Fact Instructions.pdf Circle Fact Cards.pdf
Reading: Why children have difficulties mastering the basic number combinations and how to help them.Arthur Baroody - Download from first result
Strategy Practise Thinkboard Practice.doc
Junior Focus Group 31 August -
Counting Presentation Counting.ppt
Van de Walle Resources - Useful for developing instant recognition (subitizing) of number patterns. Regular practise with the cards will help children who are transitioning from counting to part-whole thinking. The cards are useful with children who are Early Additive also as they give them an opportunity to practise their basic facts and addition strategies at EA.
Dot cards BLM3-8 Dot Cards.pdf
1 More 1 less cards BLM More and Less.pdf
Activities with Dot Cards Activities with Dot Cards.doc
Interactive activities - Primary Interactive
Word problems worksheets, can be used on IWBs as warm ups Soft Schools
Link to Measurement Resources
25 May
Independent Activities Independent Practice examples.doc
10 independent …e activites.doc
Number and Fact Wheels.pdf
Thinkboard Practice.doc
blank jigsaw puzzle game.doc single digit jigsaw.doc double digits jigsaws.doc
Stage 2 3 Practice Sheets.doc
We acknowledge our Auckland colleague Marie Hirst. Thanks for sharing these activities.
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