Information from Lead Teacher Workshops in 2010
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Lead Teacher Term 4 11 & 12 November - thanks everyone for your enthusiasm and participation in the workshops.
Proportional Reasoning - Sandra Cathcart
Powerpoint - lead teachers 2010.ppt
Ratios with whole numbers.doc
ratios dominoes.doc
ratio loopy.doc
Rectangle ratios.doc
Simple Rates.doc
Fruit card[1].doc

Key Ideas - Fractions Key Ideas.doc
National Standard descriptors for Fractions Standards Fractions .doc
Proportions and Ratios Scenarios Proportions_and_Ratios_Scenarios.pdf
Powerpoint Summary - Leadtcher t4.ppt
Van de Walle Activities - Van de Walle fraction activities.doc
fraction words.doc
find the part.doc
Mixed number names.doc
Unit fractions.doc
More less equal.doc
choose explain test.doc

Fraction Memory.doc
Attribute Fractions.doc
Pre Book Fractons.doc
Own an Octopus game.doc
digital Octopus.doc

NZMaths Resources
Fractions Powerpoint fractionsnzmaths.ppt FractionsScenarios.pdf

Lead Teacher Term Three 2010 19 & 20 August. Measurement
NZC and National Standards NZC and standards[1].doc
Measurement Big Ideas Measurement 4 LT.doc
ARBs and National Standards
Van de Walle Measurement Concepts Measurement van de Walle.ppt
Measurement Elaborations NZMaths Link NZC and National Standards
Measurement Jumble
Measurement jumble 2.doc Jumble Template.doc Jumble 1.doc Jumble 3.doc (Jumble 1 & 3 need imperial measures changed)
Measurement Labels Measurement Labels 1.doc
Measurement Loopy - Loopy Conv .doc Loopy Length.doc There are a variety available at Sparklebox Numeracy
Number Games Cover the Numbers.doc
Learning Centre Jack and the Bean Stalk Measurement learning centre cards.doc
nrich website
Measurement Magic - a wiki by Innes Kennard
Lead Teacher Workshops 13 & 14 May
The NZC National Standards Reference Points:
Year 1 - 8 All data 2010.doc
Year 1 - 6 All 1 6 2010.doc
Expectation Grid NS Reference Points Expectation grid TS_2010.doc
Sandra Cathcart's Presentation: Coaster Problem ­ How many Counters.ppt
Support Material Teacher worksheet.doc
Coaster Problem worksheet Coaster Problem ­ worksheet.pdf
Raewyn's Level One Algebra Algebra yr 1 - 4 1.ppt
Accessing the National Standards through Algebra: Algebra LTworkshop.ppt
Building Borders activity Building Borders.pdf
Powerpoint relating to Advanced Counting: Advanced Counting.ppt
Further resources for Algebra and Strategy staff meeting.
Comparison of NZ Curriculum and National Standards (from OTJ workshop) NZC Nat Stds.doc