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Middle School Focus Group 24 November
Basic Facts

Powerpoint - Basic Facts Middle.ppt
ARB Concept Map - Basic Facts concept map.pdf
Peter Hughes Teaching Basic Facts - Teaching BFs 31-8-05.pdf
Learning the Times Tables MEI - Times Tables 2006 MEI.pdf
Basic Fact Addition Record - B F Addition Record stages.doc
Missing number worksheet Missing number worksheet.pdf
Circle A Fact - Circle Fact Instructions.pdf Circle Fact Cards.pdf
Correct Practise - add your own facts in Template for practise.doc Example - Peter N.Worksheet for addition basic facts.doc
Rockin' The Standards - songs for Times tables - links to You tube
7x 9x
Place Value Rap
Reading: Why children have difficulties mastering the basic number combinations and how to help them.Arthur Baroody - Download from first result(This reading has some great games for addition)
Middle School Focus Group 1st September
Fractions Presentation Middle Focus Group 1 Sept.ppt
Key Fractions Ideas Fractions Key Ideas Fraction stages.doc
Games Tricky targets.doc Noughts and Crosses.doc
26 May
Missing number worksheet.pdf
Independent Activities Independent Practice examples.doc
10 independent …e activites.doc
Number and Fact Wheels.pdf
Thinkboard Practice.doc
blank jigsaw puzzle game.doc single digit jigsaw.doc double digits jigsaws.doc