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Senior School Focus Group 25 November
Basic Facts
Powerpoint - Basic Facts Senior.ppt
ARB Concept Map - Basic Facts concept map.pdf
Peter Hughes Teaching Basic Facts - Teaching BFs 31-8-05.pdf
Learning the Times Tables MEI - Times Tables 2006 MEI.pdf
Basic Fact Addition Record - B F Addition Record stages.doc
Missing number worksheet Missing number worksheet.pdf
Circle A Fact - Circle Fact Instructions.pdf Circle Fact Cards.pdf
Correct Practise - add your own facts in Template for practise.doc
Rockin' The Standards - songs for Times tables - links to You tube
7x 9x
Place Value Rap
2 September
Dotty Pairs slide Focus Group 2 Sept.ppt
Key Fraction Ideas Fraction stages.doc
Ratios Powerpoint (from NZMaths) TheBasicsOfRatio.ppt
27 May
Factors and multiples.doc
The factors and multiples puzzle-2.doc
Teachers notes - F,M puzzle.doc
Basic Facts Senior.ppt