Central Cluster 2011

Facilitator Contact Details:

Fiona Fox fiona.fox@auckland.ac.nz mobile: 027 544 5430

Lisa Heap l.heap@auckland.ac.nz mobile: 027 555 4607

Below are the 2011 dates for Numeracy Lead Teachers and Pick Up Workshops.

All workshops will be held at C12 - University of Auckland Faculty of Education, Epsom Avenue, Epsom.

Lead Teacher Workshop 1: 10th March
Effective Numeracy Workshop 1 (Framework & Assessment & Getting Started): 17th March
Lead Teacher workshop 2: 26th May
Effective Numeracy Workshop 2 (Using Data & Knowledge): 7th April
Lead Teacher Workshop 3: 30th June
Effective Numeracy Workshop 3 (Additive Thinking): 5th May
Lead Teacher Workshop 4: 18th August
Effective Numeracy Workshop 4 (Multiplicative Thinking): 2nd June
Lead Teacher Workshop 5: 15th September
Effective Numeracy Workshop 5 (Fractions & Proportional Thinking): 7th July
Lead Teacher Workshop 6: 3rd November

Basic Facts Assessments