Facilitator Contact Details:

Jill Smythe j.smythe@auckland.ac.nzmobile: 027 555 4627

Anne Milburn a.milburn@auckland.ac.nz mobile:

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National Standards Workshops for Principals, Senior Management (and Lead Teachers)

Your school should now have received a letter from TEAM Solutions detailing about the National Standards Workshop One. If your school has not already attended, there are 2 further choices of dates to attend this workshop being held at Kohia Teachers' Centre. These dates are : Thursday 22 April and Monday 10 May. As explained in the letter, completed registration forms for these workshops need to go through Gill Bracey at the Kohia Education Centre by Fax 09623-8978 or email g.bracey@auckland.ac.nz.
A second National Standards workshop is also being planned for Term 2 and dates will be given in due course.

Below are the 2011 dates for Numeracy Lead Teachers and Pick Up Workshops.

Lead Teacher Workshop 1:...................................
Effective Numeracy Workshop 1 (Framework & Assessment, Data & Knowledge):
Lead Teacher Workshop 2:
Effective Numeracy Workshop 2 (Additive Thinking):
Lead Teacher Workshop 3:
Effective Numeracy Workshop 3 (Multiplicative Thinking):
Lead Teacher Workshop 4:
Effective Numeracy Workshop 4 (Fractions & Proportional Thinking):
Lead Teacher Workshop 5:

Lead Teacher Workshop 6:

Below are the 2010 dates for Numeracy Lead Teachers and Effective Numeracy (Pick Up) Workshops.

Lead Teacher Workshops will be held at Owairaka Primary School, 113 - 115 Richardson Road, Mt Albert, Auckland from 8.45 - 11.45 am.
Effective Numeracy Workshops will be held at Gladstone Primary School.
Lead Teacher Workshop 1: Thursday 13 May................
Effective Numeracy Workshop 1(Framework) (Assessment) & Getting Started):
Tue 2 March - 8.45-11.45 & 12.30-3.30
Tue 30 March - 8.45-11.45 & 12.30-3.30
Lead Teacher Workshop 2: Thursday 10 June
Effective Numeracy Workshop 3 (Addition & Subtraction): Tue 2 March - 8.45-11.45 & 12.30-3.30
Lead Teacher Workshop 3: Thursday
Effective Numeracy Workshop 4 (Multiplication & Division): Tue 2 March - 8.45-11.45 & 12.30-3.30
Lead Teacher Workshop 4: Wed 8 Sept
Effective Numeracy Workshop 5 (Fractions and Decimals): Wed 30 June 9.15 - 3.00
Lead Teacher Workshop 5: Wed 10 Nov
Lead Teacher Workshop 6: Wed 24 Nov
Survival Pick Up Workshop (for new pick ups):

Workshop for Teacher Aides: