Number Framework, Assessment and Getting Started

Powerpoint Presentation from Workshop

The NZ National Numeracy website is Please use its search function to find any other mathematics resources you require.

Number Frameworks

external image msword.png Knowledge Framework complete 07.docexternal image msword.png Strategy Framework complete 07.doc

Assessment Tools for Strategy and Knowledge

external image pdf.png GloSS Recording forms E to K.pdf external image pdf.png GloSS_H-1.pdfexternal image pdf.png GloSS_I.pdfexternal image pdf.png GloSS_J.pdfexternal image pdf.png GloSS_K.pdf

external image msword.png IKAN recording form for students.docexternal image IKAN powerpoint 1 2008.ppt external image IKAN powerpoint 2 2008.ppt

Analysing Assessment Data

external image empty.png IKAN and GloSS Class Summary.docexternal image empty.png IKAN summary.doc

external image msword.png 1. Individual Numeracy Record for Strategy and Knowledge.docexternal image msword.png Student Profiles (adapted) .docexternal image msword.png Group Profiles

external image msword.png Expectations on nzmaths website.docexternal image msword.png Expectation Grid by TEAM Solutions.docexternal image msword.png Expectation Grids for year levels.doc

external image msword.png Class Grouping with headings.doc


external image empty.png Number Knowledge Planner.docexternal image msword.png Weekly Plan Template.doc
All Ministry long term planning units can be downloaded from this link

Games activities

Click here for further Knowledge activities:
Click here for further Strategy activities:
Material Masters:
external image msword.png Snakes and Chances Question Carexternal image msword.png I have. who has templateexternal image empty.png blank jigsaw puzzle game.docexternal image activity ideas.pptexternal image Create a powerpoint.pptexternal image msword.png Dominoesexternal image msword.png Blooms Taxonomy for basic facts.docexternal image empty.png Number Boggle blank external image msword.png Number Fans.docexternal image pdf.png squeezy box.pdfexternal image msword.png Efficient Teaching of Basic Facts.docexternal image empty.png Basic Facts Number Line Flipsexternal image empty.png Bowl A Fact.doc