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I hope everyone has had a good rest and is nice and relaxed ready to get back to work.

We have the same team on board again for 2011.

Karen Major has again been seconded part-time to the University Maths department to do some lecturing at the Tai Tokerau campus. Karen will be 0.4 Team Solutions semester 1 and 0.8 in semester 2.

Donna Yates will be the administration of Lead Teacher Workshops and communication for the Far North and Mid North.
Diana Ogle will be the administration of Lead Teacher Workshops and communication for the Whangarei and Dargaville.

We will also be running Content workshops in the areas with a focus this year on Multiplicative thinking and moving students between stages. Multiplicative Friday 24 June 9am-3pm Far North and Whangarei. Moving Students On Wednesday 13 July 9am-3pm Far North and Whangarei.

Please remember to register for the lead Teacher workshops, Effective Numeracy Workshops(Pick-Ups) and Content workshops through the Tai Tokerau Education Centre by contacting Gaye Marshall phone 09 470 1026 or Email g.marshall@auckland.ac.nz. We need numbers for catering purposes.

The Tai Tokerau Mathematics and Statistics Team

Karen Major
Raewyn Carman
Donna Yates
Dianne Ogle
Sandra Cathcart

Mathematics and Statistics Lead Teacher Courses 2011
Venues to be confirmed, The Education Centre will send out a flyer and I will post up confirmations.

Full Day Workshops
April 5 Taipa
April 6 Kerikeri and Dargaville
April 7 Whangarei
April 8 Whangarei

Full Day Workshops
May 31 Taipa
June 1 Kerikeri and Dargaville
June 2 Whangarei
June 3 Whangarei

Full Day Workshops
August 30 Taipa
August 31 Kerikeri and Dargaville
September 1 Whangarei
September 2 Whangarei

Lead Teacher Workshop November 2010
Proportions and Ratio

Maths University Papers 2011

WORKSHOP 2 Measurement
Games Loopy Conv .doc Measurement jumble.doc Measurement Labels 1.doc measurement loopy.pdfLoopy Length.docTime loopy.doc

Measurement templates for level 1-4Measurement 4 LT.doc

Effective teaching pedegogy of mathematics pamphlet EdPractices_19.pdf

Beauty of Mathematics Power PointBeauty-of-Mathematics.pps

NZC and standards[1].doc

Cut and paste big picture of Mathematics and Statistics activityNZClinks.doc

Good Web sites

WORKSHOP 1 10 MAY 2010

Facilitator Contact Details:

Raewyn Carman mobile: 0275 880558 email: r.carman@auckland.ac.nz
Karen Major mobile: 0275 880553 email: k.major@auckland.ac.nz
Donna Yates mobile: 0275 554683 email: d.yates@auckland.ac.nz
Dianne Ogle mobile: email: d.ogle@auckland.ac.nz
Sandra Cathcart email: s.cathcart@auckland.ac.nz

Order form for Fun Maths Games

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