Welcome to the Whangarei Lead Teacher Cluster Home Page.

Below you will find links to Workshops, Lead Teacher Meetings and Focus Groups held in Whangarei. Information about National Standards can be found on the Team Solutions Wiki. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you need any further help.
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Raewyn and Dianne

Lead Teacher Workshops
Resources from
2011 & 2010 meetings
Sustainability Schools
**Indepth Schools**
University Papers
349 and 369, will be held in Whangarei.
Please contact Gail Ledger g.ledger@auckland.ac.nz
if you are interested in doing 349 in 2012.
Focus Groups -
Junior, Middle and Senior
Content Workshops
Fractions, Decimals and Percentages
Moving Students On
Pick Up Whangarei
Effective Numeracy Workshops

Lead Teacher Symposium: 29 or 30 September at Waipuna. Resources from the Symposium can be accessed from the
Team Solutions Wikispace

Junior Assessment of Mathematics - JAM is now available for download from NZMaths. It is an assessment tool for use with children from school entry to Year 3.

Facilitator Contact Details:
Raewyn Carman mobile: 0275 880558 email:
Karen Major mobile: 0275 880553 email: k.major@auckland.ac.nz
Donna Yates mobile: 0275 554683 email:
Dianne Ogle mobile: email:
Sandra Cathcart email: s.cathcart@auckland.ac.nz

Gabrielle Marshall
Phone 09 470 1026
Email **g.marshall@auckland.ac.nz**